Bentley's Second Puppies

Arrived March 3rd, 2019, new puppies!  Bentley (pedigree) is the father again but the mother this time is Candy (pedigree).

Puppies two days old
Two day old puppies

All chocolate color.  Some white markings on the chest and a few tan highlights.  They are going to look just like their parents.

Meet The Puppies

Click on the photos to see larger versions.

  3-weeks old 4-weeks old

Mr. Blue


Has A Home

Mr. Blue at 3 weeks Blue at 4 weeks

Ms. Red


Has A Home

Ms. Red at 3 weeks  

Mr. Brown


Has A Home

Mr. Bown at 3 weeks Brown at 4 weeks

Ms. Orange


Has A Home

Ms. Orange at 3 weeks  

Mr. Grey


Has A Home

Mr. Grey at 3 weeks Grey at 4 weeks

Ms. Cyan


Has A Home

Ms. Cyan at 3 weeks  

Mr. White


Has A Home

Mr. White at 3 weeks White at 4 week


Ms. Yellow


Has A Home

Ms. Yellow at 3 weeks